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What is courier van insurance? 

Courier van insurance is a policy that provides protection for vehicles used to make multi-drop deliveries on a time-sensitive basis. This is commonly described as ‘carriage of goods for hire or reward’. 

We can help you find the policy for the risk unique to you, delivering the cover you need without paying for anything you don’t.   

Why choose us?

  • 120 insurers

    We liaise with our panel of 120 insurers to find you the policy tailored to your business’ unique needs.

  • Competitive pricing

    Competitive pricing to lower the cost of your premium, and extra measures available to protect your earning power should you need to make a claim.

  • More than insurance

    Combine with our other services such as telematics and get more from your fleet.

What sets us apart is that our knowledge extends beyond insurance to the full spectrum of fleet management. This makes us experts in understanding how you conduct your business, insight which is crucial to getting you the best deal on your insurance. 

Talk to our courier experts today so we can help you find the best cover for your unique needs. 

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Why do I need courier van insurance?

Courier van insurance provides cover for vehicles used to transport goods from one destination to another, and specifically the risks that activity entails. If you are engaging in this business activity courier van insurance should provide you with the correct type of cover. 

If your business has three or more vehicles, it’s worth considering taking out a courier fleet insurance policy, which will likely save you both time and money. 

Will I need any other policies?

There are increased risks from running a courier business you may need protection from. We can quickly understand your situation and advise if further policies are right for you. 

We can combine these policies for you to ensure your business has the most comprehensive cover needed for all the different risks you face, at the most competitive rate. 

  1. 1
    GIT Insurance
  2. 2
    Employers liability insurance
  3. 3
    Public liability insurance
  4. 4
    Business premises insurance

What types of courier van insurance are there?

We work with our panel of insurers to find businesses the following levels of courier van insurance:

  • Third party only
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive
  • Protected no claims discount
  • Cover for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes GVW including HGVs (in courier/haulage product)
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Optional breakdown covers
  • Motor legal protection


Running a courier business means you’re always against the clock, so that comes with increased risks alongside opportunities to improve how you operate. Telematics delivers on both, just like you do. 

It can help you secure better-priced premiums and lessen the impact of any claims your business may need to make. 


  • Vehicle Tracking data that helps you understand how your vehicles are being used, and how to get more from them and your drivers
  • Our comprehensive range of dashcams give you and your drivers visibility that goes beyond behind the wheel 
  • Accurate asset tracking to minimise the chances and impact of theft or loss 


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