Does 5G Mean You Need A New Mobile Phone?

The UK 5G Network is growing and will no doubt expand further in the coming years. Does this, however, mean you will need a new mobile phone to take advantage of all that 5G has to offer?

Businesses across the UK talk about being competitive in an ever-expanding global marketplace. By ensuring the UK has a lightning-fast 5G network, companies will stand a much better chance of growing as the network expands.

To access the UK’s latest generation of the mobile phone network, businesses will presumably have a number of questions they will need answers to before committing to 5G. Today, we will look at one of the most common questions we get asked:

“Does 5G mean you need a new mobile phone?”

The 5G Network In The UK

Before answering this question, it is important that we set the scene and understand what 5G means in the UK.

The 5G network is termed as the fifth generation of mobile connectivity in the UK. The previous generations you may be familiar with include 3G and 4G. However, the capabilities of 5G, and the advantages it can provide business, will mean the opportunity for significant improvements in growth and productivity right across the economy.

As the business community continually evolves, it is clear that the capability of the mobile phone network also needs to improve. With the rollout of 5G, companies of all sizes will have a higher capacity to do business with their clients.

If you are a business asking what is 5G, and whether or not you can benefit from the ground-breaking speeds and connectivity, read on to see how 5G could help your business.

5G & Business: How Can You Benefit?

One of the main questions to consider is whether you are in an area that is 5G ready. As with all revolutionary technologies, it will take time to roll out the infrastructure across all regions of the UK.

Vodafone has been working hard to roll out 5G across the UK.  If you live in one of the areas in the table below, you can be sure to benefit from the advantages that 5G can deliver.

As other major cities across the world upgrade to more sophisticated mobile connectivity, the UK must follow suit. This will ensure your business can compete in a varied and global marketplace. Companies across the UK will be able to benefit from 5G in the following ways:

Speeds – Up to 10x faster download or streaming speeds than 4G

Capacity – Busy areas will be better connected with fewer lost or dropped calls

Latency – The time to transfer data across networks will be slashed allowing businesses to access files much quicker and with less delay

Remote Working & Connectivity – Businesses will be able to avail of greater flexibility in how they work and connect with their clients and staff

Savings – 5G will help businesses to save money on hardware maintenance and monitoring facilitating their move to Cloud-based technology

There is no doubt that businesses will benefit in many ways as 5G is rolled out across the UK and if your business is 5G ready, you will be in a prime position to reap the benefits.

5G & Your Device: Do You Need a New Phone?

When it comes to mobile phones, some people prefer to hold on to their device until it breaks or ceases to function, however, does 5G mean a new phone is required?

If 5G is currently available in your area and you would like to avail of the benefits which 5G can bring, unfortunately you will need to change to a 5G compatible device. 

As the UK economy looks to take advantage of the benefits of 5G in the coming years, many businesses should too.

There is no doubt that your business could benefit from the higher speeds and lower latency that the latest generation of mobile connectivity can provide. By choosing to move to 5G, your business should become much more productive whilst allowing everyone to stay connected whilst on the move.

Yes, you will need to purchase new mobile phones to access the 5G network, however, if you live or work in an area that is supported by 5G, you should weigh up the possibility of making the leap towards 5G in 2020.

If you would like to discuss the benefits which 5G could bring to your business, please get in touch.