We all want our business to run like a well-oiled machine. It needs to be productive, efficient and cost-effective.

Running a successful business also requires constant monitoring and awareness of trends, markets and needs and the flexibility to make the appropriate changes as and when needed to remain competitive.

One of the biggest problems facing us today are hidden costs. We sign up for something and find out at some point down the road that we are having to pay extra for something we thought was included in the original price or were told would not be needed.

This applies in everyday life to individual consumers buying goods and services who find themselves ending up paying over the odds. That’s bad enough and can prove very expensive but when those circumstances are translated to running a business those added extras can become astronomical and a real threat to survival.

At Radius Connect we hear almost daily about the difficulties businesses experience in trying to get the right telecommunications services put in place for their company and the subsequent hidden costs incurred. So just how do you go about avoiding this?

Choose a supplier that you can trust

It’s the obvious starting point and sounds simple but the realities are that it’s often difficult to make the right connection when dealing with companies in an unfamiliar industry who are all giving you the big sell.

Recommendations by someone you know and can be relied upon are good and we would always advocate signing up with a firm which offers transparent contracts and pricing. This means you know what you’re buying and there will be no nasty financial surprises later on.

Every business is different and it’s also important to find someone who will take the time to tailor a package based on your usage and requirements. This removes any unnecessary spend. For example, at Radius Connect we can advise on the most cost-effective packages based on your previous usage.

You will need proactive account management for ongoing support, someone who will provide a dedicated professional to look after your account and keep your best interests at heart. This is something our team at Radius Connect offers as a matter of course at no additional cost.

Consolidate your services

Having all your services in one place and with one supplier not only makes sense logistically but also financially. Managing multiple suppliers takes more time, costs extra money and heightens the risks of those hidden costs, while one, transparent, supplier will see significant savings in all these areas.

As a single supplier of all services, we have found the ideal scenario for clients by significantly reducing the number of invoices to pay and process – it’s easier to keep track and means customers know exactly what they are paying from the outset.

Embrace technology for additional benefits

You will want to keep updated and upgraded to make the most of the services you are supplied and be able to expand or downsize those services in line with business requirements. Flexibility must always be a major consideration.

For mobiles you’ll need ongoing tariff analysis, reporting and recommendations to avoid any overspend. For example, we can add data bolt-ons as a more cost-effective way of managing users on your account and it may be a particular user needs more data for a particular month. We have cost-effective data bolt-ons to avoid any overspend charges.

Look for products like a VoIP solution whereby you pay for lines not seats, this can be more cost effective as a per seat offering. One of the main benefits of VoIP as a whole is the flexibility to scale to meet demands and at peak times. Features like call recording come as standard with VoIP whereas these were often expensive to add with traditional PBX systems and were inaccessible for small businesses. All will ensure you reap the maximum benefits without those additional hidden costs.

Many businesses are learning about the amazing benefits of Office 365, a subscription service which is transforming the way we operate through a variety of apps, features and business tools. It is accessed through multiple devices, providing easier, quicker and more flexible working.

Upgrading to tools like Office 365 includes automatic updates so you’re working on the most-up-to-date version of Office without those costly upgrades.

It’s certainly something to think about! This doesn’t just apply in the world of telecoms but also in many other areas of industry too. Don’t waste your time and money – consolidate and save!