Microsoft Teams update – a view to the future

Microsoft Teams has proved a valuable service in promoting better businesses collaboration – and it just got a whole lot better!

The chat-based system makes it easier to communicate, share ideas and information between staff or businesses through a number of features to promote close working relationships, regardless of where those using the service happen to be at the time.

Video conferencing is a major part of Microsoft Teams and one which has been enhanced by the company in its latest update to provide a more comprehensive service for those using it.

Bringing people together

The beauty of Microsoft Teams is its ability to be used efficiently from any location, allowing people to work together, interact easily, chat and video call each other to come up with those all-important decisions for the good of the business.

It’s all the more important right now with so many people still working from home due to the pandemic. Something which has helped raise the Daily Active Users (DAU) figure of those using Microsoft Teams to 115 million for the first time.

The update to Microsoft Teams video service involves:

There are also a range of new features such as Speaker attribution and live captions available in the Meetings and Calling section, letting you see who is speaking and what they are saying.

Channeling ideas

There is also an opportunity to pin a video feed for the benefit of those on the video call who are using Microsoft Teams on Windows, a mobile, Mac or PC, and it is now possible to pin any message you wish in a channel which can be seen by everybody with access to that channel.

The Spotlight Support feature allows the meeting organiser to choose a selected video for attendees to view. A participation report is now available to keep track of who attended your video conference call meetings. Call recordings can be stored for future reference so the meeting can be replayed on-demand afterwards. Plus, a Microsoft Whiteboard facility allows multi-editing and collaboration.

Teams has also developed an updated SharePoint pages app and created a new file-sharing experience for the benefit of users.

Microsoft Teams has improved on what was already a vital tool for businesses, employees and easier inter-company communication while also introducing new features which will appeal to teachers and students as a valuable aid to education.

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