Taxi fleet insurance

Discover flexible insurance cover for a range of taxi vehicles

What is taxi fleet insurance?

Businesses running with more than one taxi-based vehicle, be it a car, hackney carriage, minivan or coach, are classed as utilising a fleet. Taxi fleet insurance provides cover for these vehicles to be used to transport people. 

We can help you find policies that provide you with the right type of cover for your fleet.  


Why choose us?

  • 120 insurers

    We liaise with our panel of 120 insurers to find you the policy tailored to your business’ unique needs.

  • Competitive pricing

    Competitive pricing to lower the cost of your premium, and extra measures available to protect your earning power should you need to make a claim.

  • More than insurance

    Combine with our other services such as telematics and get more from your fleet.

As global leaders across fleet management, we understand how businesses use their vehicles better than anyone. This allows us to quickly appreciate what your needs are to secure the right amount of cover at the perfect premium. 

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What types of taxi fleet insurance are there?

We can provide the following cover options with our taxi fleet insurance: 

  • Third party only 
  • Third party, fire and theft 
  • Comprehensive 
  • Protected no claims discount 
  • Uninsured loss recovery 
  • Optional breakdown covers 
  • Motor legal protection 

Specialities of taxi fleet insurance 

Our flexibility is key, and we can help you to find policies that cover a vast range of vehicle types for the carriage of people. 


Telematics empowers you to understand and improve the use of your vehicles. It can help you secure better-priced premiums and lessen the impact of any claims your business may need to make. 

It’s also capable of giving your business much more. As global leaders in fleet management, our telematics division can help you save costs, increase fleet efficiency and protect your vehicles and drivers. 

  1. 1
    Vehicle Tracking data gives you better insight into how vehicles are being used, helping you make your taxi fleets safer and more efficient
  2. 2
    Our comprehensive range of dashcams give you and your drivers visibility beyond behind the wheel, potentially giving you vital footage in case of a claim
  3. 3
    Accurate asset tracking to minimise the chances and impact of theft or loss


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