The challenge of remote working, why some users are struggling to connect

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, a new era of hybrid working has developed for many of us, splitting our time between home and the office.

And whilst this presents a range of benefits, staying connected and remaining secure may not always come as standard when it comes to working remotely. This can present companies with an obstacle or two to tackle when it comes to productivity and communication.

Staying connected

When working from home, connectivity – or lack of it – can have a significant impact on our daily working lives. It’s very likely that by now, you’ve found yourself “freezing” on video calls or perhaps you have been endlessly trying to access large files due to problems staying connected? A conference call over WiFi may have even dropped, mid-sentence.

The good news is there are a few simple things that you and your employees can do to strengthen your chances of avoiding such situations when working from home:

Remaining secure

While connectivity can cause concerns, cyber threats if undetected can result in significant damage to your business. According to the UK government, among the 39 per cent of businesses that identified breaches or attacks in the previous 12 months, one in five end up losing money, data or other assets.

The below steps can go a long way towards keeping your business protected:

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